Our Mission

We unifi our team through a shared vision of passion, precision, and commitment to win at every level of service we provide.

We are one team. Bound by a determination to win, committed not only to improving our work as individuals but inspiring those around us to raise their game. Because we know that it takes a team to win more customers, achieve success in our careers, and enrich our lives.


We are the trailblazers in an ever-evolving industry.

Transforming expectations.

We encourage innovation and seek those who challenge the status quo–leveraging a shared passion to consistently surpass customer expectations.

Never settling.

We expect and reward the hustle. We seek and reward leaders and employees with the hunger for something more. Together, we will face challenges and break barriers to drive us forward.

Committed & seeking more.

We’re united in a shared purpose. Unifi is committed to helping our clients and candidates deliver without compromise to help each of us succeed.

Revolutionizing the game.

It isn’t something you say. It’s something you do. Together, we are committed to combining high touch with an empowered workforce and new tech in innovative ways that elevate service and accelerate growth.

Our commitment to safety.

Unifi is committed to safeguarding our employees, customers, and the environment by promoting a culture where safety is never compromised for any other business priority.

Our goal is no harm

TO OUR EMPLOYEES by controlling hazards through training, education, risk identification and following Unifi’s Mission and Vision.

TO OUR CUSTOMERS by ensuring no damage to aircraft and GSE through learned safe work habits and individual accountability. Keeping our customers safe.

TO THE ENVIRONMENT by preventing and controlling spills, properly managing waste in our processes and understanding and adhering to regulatory and Unifi responsibilities.

Through commitment and engagement, we all strive to be personal leaders in safety.

It must be an integral part of what we do. It is the expectation that every individual takes the necessary steps to promote a positive safety culture and ensure the health, safety and security of our employees and customers.